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Founded in 1989, PT. Growth Asia is part of the privately owned Growth Steel Group. Our manufacturing operation is based in the city of Medan, a busy and emerging trade centre in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

As the largest steel foundry in Indonesia, PT. Growth Asia takes pride in being an export-oriented company, which supplies quality ferrous castings to the Asian, Australian, American, African and European Markets.

Expanding overseas markets has been a substantial, ongoing part of the company's long term commitment. Through the establishment of an experienced sales and technical force and on-time supply of low cost quality products, it has secured significant contracts of critical components for OEMs and the mining industry.

Our product line is increasing in volume to meet customers' needs. PT. Growth Asia maintains lines of mining, quarry, rubber, palm oil, cement, power and steel mill supplies in various grades, i.e. alloy steel, tool steel, manganese steel, cast iron, ductile iron, hi-Cr iron, carbon steel and stainless steel. Furthermore, through our stringent process controls, PT. Growth Asia has achieved an International Standard for quality. With ISO 9001: 2000 compliance, PT. Growth Asia's commitment to the best quality system is paramount.

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2006 Primaniyarta Award

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Indonesia Products Exhibition 2006

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