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Product : Mill Liner Wear Parts

1. Material toughness and high wear resistance.
2. High quality castings; produced to specification.
3. Guaranteed liner fitment.
4. Mill change-out time minimized.

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Product Application:

• AG Mill Liner
• BALL Mill Liner
• ROD Mill Liner
• SAG Mill Liner

• Cr-Mo Steel
• Hi-Cr Iron

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25-October-2008 (08:30 am) [Read]
2008 Primaniyarta Award

28-September-2006 (03:20 pm) [Read]
China Mining Expo 2006

28-September-2006 (03:00 pm) [Read]
Pameran Produk Ekspor 2006

28-September-2006 (03:00 pm) [Read]
2006 Primaniyarta Award

22-August-2006 (10:00 am) [Read]
Indonesia Products Exhibition 2006

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