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Typical Applications General Uses Material Type Equivalent Specifications Properties
SAG Mill Liners
BALL Mill Liners
AG Mill Liners
Rod Mill Liners
Abrasion resistant
Impact toughness
Pearlitic Cr Mo Steel AS 2074 L2B Mod 321 - 375 HB
Jaw Crushers
Wear resistant casting subject to severe gouging abrasion
Crusher parts
Austenitic Mn Steel AS 2074 H1A, H1B
BS 3100
ASTM A128 A, C, E-1
JIS G5131
SCMn H1, H11
Feed Chute Liners High abrasive wear resistance High Alloy Cr Iron AS 2027 Cr27
BS 4844 3E
ASTM A532 Class III type A 25% Cr
> 550 HB
Crushing and Grinding Parts
BALL Mill Liners
High abrasive wear resistant castings subject to medium impact loads High Alloy Cr Iron AS 2027 CrMo 15/3
AS 2027 CrMo 20/2/1
ASTM A532 Class II type B 15% Cr-Mo
> 600 HB
Chute Liners
Ore Bin Liners
Feed Spouts
Wear resistant castings / low impact Ni - Hard Iron AS 2027 Ni-Cr 4-66
ASTM Class I type D Ni-Hi Cr
> 600 HB
Rubber Rolls General Engineering Grey Cast Iron AS 1830 T150-T400
ASTM A48 No 25-50
187 - 269 HB
Screws General Engineering Pearlitic Mn Steel AISI 1552 163 - 229 HB
Roughing Rolls
Intermediate Rolls
Finishing Rolls
Rolling Mills High Alloy Ductile Iron
Alloy Steel
  40 - 70 HS
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